Australia on the Horizon.


It seems months since we decided to go to see Kate, Robert, Katie, Joel and Josh in Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast about an hour north of Brisbane, Gary and Sue and their family in Cairns, and Jude, Andrew, Jack and Ayesha in Brunswick Junction about two hours south of Perth, finishing up visiting David, Jess and Georgina in Abu Dhabi. All in all a bit of a Cook’s Tour.

We leave on Christmas Day and get back on Valentine’s Day, so all our Christmases have come early this year. We spent Wednesday, Thursday and wFriday having Sue’s brother Pete, and Lesley with their sons Jack and Ollie.


What a great time! David and Gina came to join us for Christmas Dinner on Thursday.


Then we went to Hertford on Saturday to have another Christmas Dinner with Sara and Marcus, Rebekah, Morgan and Zach,

image imageimage

finally we had Christmas Dinner in Cardiff on Sunday with John, Sarah Louise, Seb and Isabella.imageimage

Then we came home for a rest!

What a week!

So the plane awaits… we are flying Etihad to Brisbane (via Abu Dhabi), Virgin Australia to Cairns and Perth, then Etihad home via Abu Dhabi.

To be honest, we can’t wait. It seems to have been an exceptionally busy 6 months – where has the time gone? It will be great to see the Ozzy branches of the family again. It’s 15 months since we were last there and we know that a lot will have happened. Lots of catching up to do!

I said goodbye to the Best News Group – Alan, Ray, Brian, Gilbert, Paul and David. Tim was missing so I will call him in the morning.

Thanks to David and Ann for bringing us to the airport. We are staying here overnight before flying on in the morning.

This is where you can find out about our travels and experiences. There will be a menu item at the top of the page with access to the photos, so we hope you enjoy them.

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